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How it works



Dexks offers 8 categories for which you can win a money valued prize. Each category shows you the prizes that you can win.


Dexks offers our player to choose between 4 types of QUIZ games for which you can compete to end up in the top 5 to a top 40 position to win a prize.

Each game has 21 questions to answer and if played correctly you will take about 5 to 9 minutes to answer all questions.

The QUIZ games categories are:

  • Literature

  • World history

  • Sports

  • Music and Movies

Quiz games

Quiz games

The quiz game is based on multiple choices and the question can be from any continent or part of the world. So, it is advised not just to guess but to use any search engine and Wikipedia or Alexa to assist in answering the questions.

  • All questions would be in the language of the profile of the player.

  • When a player loses their position to win a prize they will receive a text message and email to inform them.

  • Each game closes automatically once it reaches the maximum player set in the system.

How to win:

  • Players are judged on how many questions they have answered correctly (ACCURACY).

  • Players are judged on how fast they were in answering all of the questions (SPEED).

  • Not 1 position can ever be held by 2 players, there is always 1 player per position.

Winners announcement:

  • Once a game closes, the list of the winners will be published on Dexks World.

  • All winners will receive a form to fill in and return to Dexks, so we can contact them.

  • All winners will receive an email and a text message and a clear date when we will contact them to confirm everything, and to go over the form they have answered.


Depending on the category you have chosen to play, will decide the prize.

Education prizes:

  • All education prizes are set for maximum 5 years for Elementary School, middle school, high school, college or university of choice or any courses the winner wishes to follow.

  • We also assist our winners in any manner we can in their application for their new school in a new country and in finding a place to live.

  • If you as a winner choose to go to a private school, the amount that we will payout to your chosen school will be maxed out at the prize of a public school (see our policy regarding the set maximum amount that we will cover).

  • This means that you need to finance the amount difference yourself. The amount is set for maximum 15.000 GBP for education annually and maximum 10.000 GBP for Living expenses and pocket money annually combined.


  • The amount that you win for your Wedding can be used in full to pay for your wedding, your honeymoon, for a down payment for your house or a combination of these three options. You decide how you want to spend it.


  • The genesis game main focus is to assist our player in the process of having their deepest wish to move abroad to start a new life fulfilled.


  • Our goal is to help our player buy their first home, preferably debt free or you can use the amount to make a down payment for the house of your dreams.

Debt/Student Loan:

  • All payout will be done to the government or organization with whom you have an open balance. We will always pay directly to the organization and never to the prize winner.

Splitting prizes

Splitting prizes

Each game we offer has the possibility to split the prize with someone else.


  • All winners win a 5 years education and the option to win 1 additional year, but this will be judged by Dexks.

  • If a player decided to split the prize with a friend or family member, they can apply for an additional year for the other person. And Dexks can consider to grand the additional year to the person getting the prize.

  • If you do not split your prize but due to your education you are forced to enter a 6th year, you can apply for an additional year to be covered by Dexks, but we will judge this purely on your grades and overall school performance.

  • The other option is also possible to combine your 5 year educational prize into a 3 year course. This means that you will receive a higher annual education prize.

Shared prizes:

  • Once a prize is shared with 1 or more person, this cannot be undone.

Money payout

Dexks is setup not to pay money because we want to give our player more valuable prizes that can change their life for the better. Therefore as a rule Dexks does not payout money in cash

The exception to the rule are prizes in which partial money payout is part of the prize like:


  • Depending of the player prize we may give living expenses for the student to pay their rent and have money for food. This depend on the prize and the country the player choses to go to school.


  • All winners of this game have a money payout connected to the prize, but the payout will only be possible once the winner has immigrated to the land of choice and has registered with the government as a citizen of that country and lived there for a minimum of 5 months.

  • The Dexks Genesis funds can also be used to finance your own startup company in your own country.

  • We do need from the winners a clear business plan with a pitch deck. Also, the company they want to start must comply with all the local policies.

  • The time period to provide us all the necessary documentation to receive the financial funds stay the same.

For more information see Genesis category or email Dexks or see our terms and Conditions.

Demands money payout:

  • If any winner for any category choses to demand a full money payout which is not of Dexks setting. We will advise the player not to do this because it is not beneficial for the players.

  • If the player still demands a 100% payout of the prize than the player need to take this cost in mind:

  • Dexks is forced to take based on the full prize 20 % VAT of the total amount. Dexks will also charge 30% administration fees, no matter the prize amount, it will stay 30% administration fees. This means that you as player will loss 50% of the money valued prize.

For example:

Money valued prize is 20.000 and player wish to receive the full payout and not the prize.

  • Money value prize : 20.000

  • Vat 20% : 4.000

  • Administration fee Dexks 30 % : 6.000

  • Payout amount is % : 10.000

Money payout
User account

User account

Once you created your account make sure you use your real name as it is mentioned in your passport. If you do not use your real name and you win a prize and it doesn’t match your passport. The prize will not be pay out and after 12 months you will lose the prize.

Therefore, you cannot change your name and e-mail address after the account has been created.


To enter 1 of the 8 categories competitions you need to purchase a ticket. And 1 ticket represents 1 game of choice in any category.



Dexks-world is our own social media platform on which you can share tips and tricks and connect with other players all over the world.

Dexks-world works exactly as Facebook in functionality.


Each player can invite unlimited friends and acquaintance to join Dexks. You can do this by e-mail or text message.

Each time 5 new users sign up and all 5 purchase a minimum of 1 ticket, the person that has send the invitation will receive 1 free ticket.

Any person can be part of Dexks-world and do not need to participate in the games.

  • Do not share any personal or private information about yourself or login information to protect your personal privacy and information.

Dexks Group Battle

Dexks Group Battle

Group battle means that group of 2 till maximum a group of 5 can compete against each other in a tournament and all the winners will receive the same prize when they end up in the top 3 to top 10 position.

  • Group battle is a separate tournament that would be held online and all players have to be live to play at the same time. (Tay-00946)
    The best example how it works to think of a tennis or a football tournament that the best teams go against each other at the end. Each team plays 3 games in the final top 10 position against each other and the best team will win a prize or fall off the race.

  • Single player tournament is in developing and more information will be given in due time.