Dexks offers nine categories in which you can win a money-valued prize. Each prize is unique to the chosen category.

You can choose between four types of multiple-choice quiz games or a puzzle and if you're placed in the top three positions, you will win a prize!

Each quiz has 27 multiple-choice questions and should take less than 5 minutes to complete. The four categories are: movies and music, literature, world history or sports.

The question can be sourced from any part of the world. So, to have the best chance of answering correctly, we advise using any search engine or virtual assistant like Alexa or Siri to help you get the correct answer.

Each game closes automatically once it reaches the maximum number of players for that category. When a player loses their position or ranking to win a prize, they will receive a text message or email to inform them of the change.

Though questions may be from anywhere in the world, they will always be in the language listed on the player’s user profile.

If the chosen language is not part of the quiz, you default setting is English.

//How to win//

How to win

In order to win the quizzes, not only do you need to answer questions correctly but in as little time as possible. As regards the puzzles, you need to complete these with the least possible moves and as quickly as possible. Players are judged on their total performance; both accuracy and speed.

As a result of this strategy, the top position can never be held by multiple users.

//Games and prizes//

Games and prizes

Each set of prizes is unique to the category.


All education prizes are based on a single educational year at the elementary school, middle school, high school, college or university level. It all depends on the player and which course they wish to follow.

If you choose to go to a privately-funded school, the amount we payout to this school will be maxed out and no higher than £10,000. This means you will have to finance the difference in amounts yourself. Please see our policy regarding the set amount that we will cover in our Terms and Conditions.

Where possible, we will also assist winners in their application for a new school if they choose to study abroad and in finding a place to live while they study.

Maximum set amount: £10,000 for education year.



Always dreamed of having the perfect wedding? Winnings in this category can be used to fund your special day, plan your dream honeymoon, pay for a down deposit on your new home – or a combination of all three! You decide how you want to spend it.

**Maximum set amount:



Always dreamed of travelling the world or moving to a new country? The Genesis game focuses on assisting players with their dreams of starting life in a new country or starting their business closer to home.

If you win a prize, you will have 12 months to get whatever is needed for your move ready or have fulfilled the requirements for a start-up company. If you do not meet these conditions within this time frame, you will lose it, and the prize will go on to the next player in line.

**Maximum set amount:



If you’re looking to get your foot onto the property ladder, this is the category for you! Dexks wants to help you buy your first home – without the debt – or make the initial down deposit on the house of your dreams.

Prize money can be used to build a house, as a down payment or to purchase a flat outright. All payments will be made directly to the bank or organisation through which the loan or payment must be made. No money will be paid directly to the winners.

**Maximum set amount:


Debt/Student Loan:

Student loan payments are a drag and can take decades to fully pay off. So we want to help you get debt-free faster. All payouts in this category will go directly to the government or organisation with whom you have an open balance. Please note, we will always directly pay the lending organisation and never to the prize winner.

All money will go to any organisation that the student has an outstanding balance or debt. We will pay money to this organisation directly, not the player.

**Maximum set amount:



A majority of families worldwide are not fully prepared for later life and fail to save enough for a proper pension, making them reliant on government support. But government pension payments often do not cover daily maintenance costs, and many end up relying on family members for support.

Dexks is a great way to start building your pension now. All winnings will be saved in a European bank account or in the Netherlands located Pension asset management company and accumulate interest until you reach your retiring age.

If you have already reached this age bracket, we will pay the full amount directly to you.

**Maximum set amount:

//How do I create an account?//

How do I create an account?

In order to join the Dexks experience, you need to create a user account. This is also how we will contact you about prizes.

Once you create an account, make sure you use your legal name – the name that appears on your passport (if it is too long you can only select the part you want) or other official documentation. You cannot change your name or email address after the account has been created.

If you do not use your legal name, prizes cannot be paid out to your account. After 12 months, you will lose the prize. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information or email Dexks if you have any questions.

//What are tickets? How do I get more tickets?//

What are tickets? How do I get more tickets?

In order to enter any competition, you need to purchase a ticket. One ticket allows you to play one game in your choice of any category.

Tickets can be awarded at the end of a quiz as a prize, or you can purchase more tickets through our website.

You also have the ability to start a subscription with us when you want to play a game.

//What are Subscription? How do I start a subscription?//

What are Subscription? How do I start a subscription?

In order to enter any competition, you need to purchase a ticket or start a subscription which would give you a discount on the ticket price.

There are 4 subscription models and the smallest package offer you 4 games and the XL gives you 15 games a month.

This allows you to play the game in your choice of any category.

//How do I cancel my subscription?//

How do I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry to see you leave but you can cancel your subscription in your PayPal account.

//How winners are announced//

How winners are announced

Once a game reaches the maximum player number, it closes. The list of winners for each game will be announced on our social media platform Dexks World. Check out our FAQ for more information.

Winners will be contacted and receive a form to complete with more information about prizes. After the form is returned to Dexks, winners be sent an email and text message with a date when we will contact them to confirm everything and go over details in the form.

//What is Dexks-world?//

What is Dexks-world?

Dexks-world is our own social media platform and works exactly like Facebook.

Join today to share tips and tricks on how to get ahead in the tournaments and connect with other players all over the world.

Beside your own language you can follow 4 other languages. This can be set in your account.

On the homepage, you see all public posting worldwide in the languages you selected.

On your private page, you see only information from your own network.

You can chat, send email or video calling other members, if they are part of your network.

//Can I invite other people to play?//

Can I invite other people to play?

Each player can invite unlimited friends or acquaintances to join Dexks by email or text message.

For every five new users signed up, and if all five purchase a minimum of one ticket, the person that sent the invitation will receive a free ticket.

Any person can be part of Dexks-world and does not need to participate in the games. Please do not share any personal or private information or your login information to protect your personal privacy and information.

//Can I split my prize with someone else?//

Can I split my prize with someone else?

Yes. Each game has the possibility for you to split your winnings with someone else. Once a prize is shared with another person or persons, this cannot be undone. Please see below for specifics about each game.


All winners can win up to a single educational year, with the option to win an additional year. This is up to the discretion of Dexks.

Should a player decide to split the prize with a friend or family member, they can apply for an additional year for the other person, and Dexks can consider granting this year to them.

If you do not split your prize but need additional funds to finish your education, you can apply for further years to be covered by Dexks, but we will judge this based on your grades and overall academic performance.

//Can I ask for a money payout?//

Can I ask for a money payout?

Dexks is designed to give our players more valuable and life-changing prizes. So as a rule, we do not payout money in cash to our users.

However, certain games do have a partial money payout as part of their prize scheme. Please see below for more details.


Depending on the player prize, we may grant living expenses to pay off rent or for food. This will depend on the prize as well as the country in which the player chooses to attend school.


Every winner in this game will have a money payout connected to their prize. But the payout will only be possible once the individual has moved to the country of their choice, has registered for citizenship with the country’s government and lived there for a minimum of six months.

For those who choose to move abroad, the breakdown of funds is as follows:

  • £25,000-£75,000 will be put towards buying a new home.

  • The remainder of the funding will be paid out to the winner.

For more information, see Genesis category, see our Terms & Conditions or email Dexks.


Every winner in this game will have a money payout connected to their prize.

All winnings will be saved in a European bank account or managed by a Pension asset management company located in the Netherlands and accumulate interest until you reach your retiring age. If you have already reached this age bracket, we will pay the full amount directly to you.

//What is a Dexks Group Tournament?//

What is a Dexks Group Tournament?

Group battles are separate tournaments that are held live online between two to five teams. Teams in the top three positions will all receive a prize.

For example, think of a tennis or football competition. The best teams compete against each other in a head-to-head match. Every team plays three games. Those in the final 10 teams will go against each other with those losing being knocked-out of the ranks. The last team wins a prize.

A single player tournament is in development, and more information will be out soon.

//What if I demand a money payout?//

What if I demand a money payout?

If any winner chooses to demand a full money payout, which is not already part of a Dexks setting, we will prompt them not to do this as it’s not beneficial for the player.

If the player continues to demand a full payout, they will need to keep this in mind:

Dexks is required to take – based on the full amount of the prize – a 20% VAT, and we also charge a 30% administration fee, regardless of the amount. This means players will lose half of their money-valued prize.

They also need to sign a documents confirming that they demanding a money payout and accept the value lost.

For example, a player wishes to receive a full cash payout for a money valued prize of £20,000:


* There is No cash payout for our experience prizes. 

Money value prize - £20,000

Vat 20% - £4,000

Administration fee Dexks 30% - £6,000

Payout - £10,000

//Can I use the money to start business?//

Can I use the money to start business?

Yes. These funds can also be used to finance a own startup company in your home country. To do this, winners will need to present a clear business plan with a pitch deck to Dexks, and the company must comply with all the local government’s policies. The time period in which you will need to provide us with all the necessary documentation for funding will stay the same.

For those who want to start their own company, funding will be paid in full once the following requirements have been met:

  • Presented Dexks with a business plan and pitch deck.

  • The individual has fulfilled all the legal requirements to start a company in their country and the sector in which they will operate.

  • The individual or business has been registered with their local chamber of commerce.

  • A business bank account with the company name has been opened.

  • The individual has been registered and actively building their company for a minimum period of six months.

//Rewards and Benefits//

Rewards and Benefits

Dexks offers several types of benefits and rewards which any player can make use of.

Refer a friend: A player can invite a friend through the link in their User account. For every person they invite and create an account with Dexks, they will receive store credit in their “Wallet”.

With the money in their “Wallet” they can purchase a ticket or use it as a discount.

Free tickets: You will receive a free ticket for every 5 person you invite to the website, that sets up their own account and purchases a minimum of 1 ticket.

//Player Account//

Player Account

In your Player account you can view your history and activity on our platform.It is here that you will see all purchased tickets/subscriptions, all of the games you participated in, including the game numbers and tickets used to play the chosen game and category.

On this platform you will see if you have received free tickets or any other types of rewards or benefits.

You will be able to track your invite and who have made use of the invitation link, who has not yet used the link and much more.



We are focusing to help you explore as experience the beautiful lifestyle that is around us.

You will visit sports events like the F1 or Ice Polo in St. Moritz/Switzerland or stay at a beautiful touristic area like Venice/Italy and skiing in the Alps without breaking the bank. All prizes contain a few night's stays at a hotel.

The player can win a vacation to a location that is fully paid for. We will pay for the hotel, breakfast and one activity. But there will be NO plane tickets included in the prizes.


Rules for Experience.

1. You must purchase a ticket to play the Game of Discovery.

2. Perform your best to play our Quiz or Puzzle game. You can play as often as you like to improve your score.

3. There is no cash alternative for the experience prize and no change of dates due to the connecting event.

4. The prizes are personalized to prevent the resale or black-market activity.

5. You must have a valid passport and travel documentation. If a visa is required. Please start the application on time (you have 1 week to provide valid proof).

6. There are NO plane tickets included in the prizes.