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A new beginning abroad

Game of Genesis is our life changing game in which we latterly offer our players the opportunity to change their lives.

There are strict regulations for this game if you choose to play it. One of the regulations is that your goal is to start a new life abroad in a strange country. Or, you want to start your own business in the country you currently are living and already in the process of doing so.

This means that you have been thinking about this big step or move for a long time but due to a limited financial situation, you never made the move.
For the person who decides to play this game, they are prepared to take big step into the unknown and ready for the challenge.

The strict rules for winning this game is that you have 12 months to get what ever is needed ready for the move or you fulfilled the requirement for start-up of your company. If you do not meet the conditions within 12 months and 1 day, after our notification that you won this prize, you will lose it and it will go to the next player in line.

The top 6 to 1.000 positions will win a new ticket to play again